Saturday, April 9, 2011

Health is Wealth, Wealth is Health

As generic as any advice on wellbeing, from the title alone, this is diagnostic of how uncomplicated things should be. Likewise, how these basic things could be healthy.

Perhaps (or sometimes), plainly pinpointing what it is would be more reassuring than a dose of tricky diagnosis. And before I sound to be rather extensive as well, I’m merely pointing out how some doctors should be caring of their patients and not their impatience. Apparently, they’re eager to convince their suspicions… For quick remuneration perhaps?

Reason as to why their supposed expertise is sought is that their patient wants to most likely regain or maintain good health. Due respect for how they have studied and know the human anatomy and its functions similarly with its malfunctions. In the same way (or on the contrary?), whoever is seeking treatment is the one feeling the development or the damage. For the most part, it’s their body.

Patients get conscious of every episode. Even so, that includes “unhealthy expenditure” if I may say. What’s the point of collating the doctor’s know-how and the patient’s body reaction if assertion from the former for a series of tests be carried out for whatever is worth over their doubt? Is it assurance for the doctor’s sure findings while it’s a gamble for the patient’s outlay? People as it is, are not guinea pigs. When sick, they go to a hospital not in a laboratory. Doctors are expected to be as such and not as scientists. More so, they’re professionals already and not students still.

Learning is a continuous process, I know, but could it be for helpful purposes and not as a trial and an expensive (read: at the expense of others) procedure. And before a test is done or a medication be administered, is there a more acceptable yet equally effective alternative that could be suggested?

In our case, there was (Probably in anyone’s case there is). It was later disclosed but the way-more expensive one was rather applied first sans consultation… And what complicated it all was that my wife was being treated for the wrong illness. A few days back, my wife’s hospital confinement constrained us to stay there for 6 days. I’ve been adamant about my observation that my wife was better off from the initial ineffective medication. What worried me more is that my prodding increased their doubt as to what was really wrong. Now what?! After 3 days and the obvious abnormal physical manifestation from that of my wife’s abdomen and until our doctor friend suggested an ultrasound be done; it was learned that it was rather a more serious illness. Finally!

Good news is that we were told that it could still be alleviated through medicine. Otherwise, an operation as it would expectedly be risky would likewise be costly. With the correct medicine for the right infection, my wife’s now recovering. Though the severity of her condition inflicted as well my finances, however, to my aid came our family who served as doctors of my punctured pocket.

Not to be cynical but ready and geared up; we usually take things for granted specifically our health… If we don’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong… If there’s nothing we feel that we should currently prepare for, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be an emergency… Hence, health is wealth as much as wealth is health.

As for the healthy choice for a doctor, there are those wealthy enough having earned, more than their PFs, the trust of patients and with a thrust of patience.

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