Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mr. Reno Mohr

Hi! The title is an introductory of who I am as it’s indicative of my name. Yup, that’s me. No relation to Mr. Jay Mohr though. Mohr ov-- I mean moreover, he’s real whereas I’m fictitious. He’s a TV and film actor portraying made up characters while on the contrary, I’m a fabricated figure that’ll depict valid human interest. But whatever it is, my thoughts are real… Nevertheless, who am I exactly?

Logically, I’m a figment of my creator’s imagination; his alter-ego perhaps. Counter-ego is more apposite I think; a case of “My opinion” vs. (what) “I said” I assume. Nevertheless, the mere fact that you’re able to read this without having to pinch yourself to wake up, it’s as real as it gets… “Who am I” might not even interest you as who would care to be even curious of just some unknown entity. Unless I’m some up-and-coming personality gradually making a name, perhaps, a curious few would be paying attention. As how my name sounds, is how transparent I’ll try to be – “Mr. Reno Mohr.”

As what my name is signifying, we’ll expose some ambiguities or clarify the vagueness on certain issues. It would not be as accurate as you might expect but it will definitely shed some light. The concept of my “origin” is to occasionally share my two cents worth of insights as I perceive it. To stir awareness or make a difference, either way or both… Sarcasm will probably play a big part although it would still be informative somehow even if reading in-between the lines is what it’ll take. You could similarly be reactive, cynical or judgmental of my purpose. That would be alright. As a matter of fact, that would be an integral part of it all. If you’re not guilty, then don’t react as if you are, it’s that simple. If you are, well… my point exactly...

With my inception today, you could mark it on your calendars if only to serve as reminder when it’s about time to send birthday gifts… Ok, kidding! As if there was a need for me to say that given the likely sarcastic “Hello!” reaction from you (“Hello, who am I to you?”)… That’s not surprising however; then again, it could be an answer… We tend to have reservations for “nobody” (“like I am initially right now”) as opposed to how we venerate “somebody”. Thus most of us want to gain recognition similar to that of the latter… and it becomes a race to the top. Being on top, ego hazes our sight of the view where we’ve been or where we have not been. On certain occasions, some even get up there faster than the degree of their credentials can even catch (or match) up. And even faster is how their egos swell. Clueless on how it is “down there”, apparently nothing matters but what’s partially within their grasp up there… If I were a company executive of whom subordinates look up to as a superior, it would be easier to have my direction be implemented than if I were among the ranks even if with a better proposition. Realistically unfortunate, a good idea from a subordinate will sound intelligent and favorable if it will come from a superior. Suddenly, we disregard potential. Yet despite that, we manifest irony and partiality for cheering on the underdog. (Whose side are we on anyway?) Even the fastest runner overcoming every hurdle along the way shouldn’t underestimate a blinding tiny speck that could have him stagger and lose balance only to be overtaken. As if we don’t know the moral story behind “David and Goliath” – That’s human nature and this is just to cite an example – a tinge of what’s in-store – it’s not always the case frankly speaking but quite a number will agree that it’s upfront to the point.

As mentioned, human nature will likewise play an important role in shedding some light on answering what clouds our views. I’ll be your fog lamp. If my being a conjured character separates me from being human, then perhaps, it would be more laid-back to objectively (as much as possible) point out suppressed piercing actualities. A critic, “politically open-minded”, ironic that is or sarcastic, somewhat smart-alecky, probably just sour-graping, contradicting, sensible enough I hope, skeptical of some made-to-be-believable facts, accepting or better yet realistic, all of these and somewhere in between make up my identity with an insight that I hope you could relate to and perhaps learn from – Yup, my character as well as my story is and will be “Mystery no more.”

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