Sunday, May 8, 2011

“Ilaw ng Tahanan's” Balancing Act

We all have mothers. Consenting or strict, they are still mothers who probably differ in their approach in raising a family; particularly their children.

Unless you’re too good, we don’t always get along fine with our mothers. Yet, one way or another, our mothers seem to always have the final say. It’s not that they’re being domineering; it’s just that, as the saying goes, “mother knows best.” Or do they? Well, we may not agree with them most of the time; but as far as anything concerning us ending up ratified by such mother-friendly adage is concerned, it may not look best in our books but it certainly is for her.

Mothers only want the best for their children but it doesn’t necessarily mean children will receive the best. Motherhood is beyond ‘biological’ for it’s also about balance. She balances time and attention, luxury and necessity, yes and no, being a better-half and being the other half (except for single mothers), and other differing emotions. A challenging act like she’s on a tightrope while juggling, trying to maintain her uncompromising poise and grace so as not to fall that could further “disproportionate” everything. Even so, she started her ‘balancing act’ way before we even witnessed it. What with the way she carried the weight, calculating every step to avoid stepping “out of bounds” with her life-bearing figure for 9 months.

In trying to provide you the best, it may appear selfishly motivated but what is actually ‘best for her’ is selflessly managed. The responsibility of having to make “unpopular” decisions and what is seemingly unfair-to-us judgment pounds her heart as well. But it will further cause her pain if something wrong happens to us, thus she has to exert her authority. She’s not just relying on her maternal instinct or the unsubstantiated basis for her action but guidance. Mothers teach their children, intentionally or unknowingly, about life’s bounties and boundaries. Teaching even the secret ingredient to their specialties… That’s how mothers are.

More than the one-of-a-kind viand she cooks for the family, more than the sweat she gives-off cleaning the house, more the stunt she pulls through to shield her child from harm, more than the pep talks with her husband for him to say yes to their daughter’s (or son’s) request to go out on a date, more than the heaviness of heart she endures when her child rebels, more than the way she scolds her children for their own good, more than everything – they are beyond home makers, they are our mothers.

Who can balance all of these with flying colors as bright as the light she provides. Just when you thought she’s just balancing herself up there, more astonishing than the most beautiful chandelier as “Ilaw ng Tahanan”; yet on her capacity, she’s more like balancing and protecting us, whether we’re being stubborn or otherwise, so we’ll not stumble on something her “light” can’t even bear to envision.

Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers!!!

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