Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not So Fast 5

Have you even thought of the number 5’s 4-lettered figure when spelled is the only (base ten) number-in-words that is as chronological as that? “One” and “two” are 3-letter words that do not sequentially tag-on their corresponding digits; and so are the others. Enunciation-wise, it’s the only number logically possible to be spelled with a consequential number of letters that would have no other connotation. If 4 would be spelled “FOR”, it could mean so many things and so would “SICKS” perhaps. How would you spell “9” with an 8-letter word; go figure – “do spell the math”. And “FIVE”, at the core ironically, is outwardly indicating how it has “overwhelmed” its preceding number “IV”. In view of that, the use of “5” for a symbolic figure makes sense…

As odd as this odd number, this has just been “coincidentally” written within this 5th month. It just got me concerned about this net-circulating “money bag” inaccurately indicative of “too many 5s” (5 Fridays 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays this July) occurring only after every 823 years. Really?! Come-on, it came about last 2005 of the same month; and 5 years from now will it happen again. That is if we even reach 2016 considering that 2012 is deemed to be the end…

These “unusual” occurrences make some people connect it to some sort of a prophecy as to what could possibly happen. If “5” has something to do with it, it could have been the reason as to this year’s 5th month’s 21st day premeditated end of the world. That’s 580 days earlier than the December 21, 2012 date. It still has “5” in it. It could just be a sign; 5 coming before 8 then 0. With 8’s free-flowing outline indicative of eternity trailed by “zero” could be a foretelling of an end. Thus “5” serves to be a suggestive precaution. 2012’s numbers when added equals 5. As if suggesting that we “take 5” from what is rather worldly-prioritized other than what really matters. Some probably just laughed it off until another “5” for a sign shook us via an EF5 tornado at Missouri.

Writing “5” even is illustrative of how the recent Japan Tsunami manifested as a sign – downward motion was illustrated through falling things due to an earthquake; then a receding wave that would return back up. After that, “Calm after the storm”...

Everyone, regardless if busy or otherwise, is (naturally) presented with signs exacting humans' intuitive probe for it. And if “5” is indeed the sign, other busy people go beyond their “8 to 5” schedule seemingly unmindful of that “5” as a time to do other important things. And it’s quite well-timed that those representing the ones probably oblivious of these other important things through game-watching for fun were similarly given this “5”. How concurrent it is that within this 5th month, both NBA’s Dallas and Miami in their respective series won in 5 games after losing the 1st game. It scheduled another Final’s meeting after 5 years. By how it was preset is even interesting: Only 2 Mavericks (Numbers 31 and 41) are left from that 2006 team purposely destined to be in it again against Miami of which, on the other hand, planned for this upshot through the configuration of the “Big 3” – Numbers 1, 3 and 6. That’s 5 key players. The difference between Dallas’ 31 and 41 is 10 – that’s double the sign. However, the sign for Heat’s 1, 3 and 6 if summed up is likewise 10. For a score, that’s perfect if only to corroborate who’d win, thus “5” figures to be the balancing factor. Similarly in life, the victorious will be the one who’ll either make a difference or the one who’ll add-up. As for the series, whoever will win, what team or those betting on it will be the ones literally getting “money bags”. Whose world will end crumble?

Although, winnings is not just about material things and it’s certainly not through posting of some “money bags” proverb. Perhaps, it would be better to take note of the fact that this year; there are 5 months with 5 Saturdays as if to remind us to spend such weekend decently. It’s a timely day and unusually many for an opportunity; equally enlightening that we get used to Saturday these much as December 21, 2012 falls on a Friday. That’s the week’s day after the 5th. Therefore, there’s life after “5”.

That said: will Dallas win in 6 or Miami in 5?

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