Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Heat is Still On

Rather signifying it through a question given my reservation of a prediction in chorus with that earlier blog post’s subject, my game analyses of the 2011 NBA Finals series proved exact as the Dallas Mavericks won it in 6 games.

It’s similarly fitting to have been suggested as to what factor will effect: Making a difference or “teaming up”… Unfortunately for the latter as what the Miami Heat prompted, other than the lack of it with their team abounded with talents, they rather fell short of determination. Ironically, they were so determined to win that they simply relied on confidence given the odds their team’s formation has feted them. They seemed to have underestimated how the Mavericks convincingly got there and in the process sweeping the Western Conference semifinals series against the heavy favorite defending champions.

Miami was the heavy favorite to win the NBA Finals series. And more than Dallas being the underdog as my reason for taking on their side (and to indisputably prove the accuracy of my series analysis LOL), it was to advocate what they were “struggling” for…

The Mavericks represented the “old-school” with father time catching up with them; I mean Terry, Kidd, Marion and Nowitzki. Under such circumstance, the more they were least picked to win against their complete opposite. The “new generation” was what the Heat embodied. First opportunity vs. last chance…

With the “first opportunity” planned and instigated with “The Decision” then set off with a declaration by no less than LeBron’s “not one, not two, not three…” bold statement, such yet-uncorroborated claim and fear-provoking pressure caused “4th quarter suffocation” and outwardly established that the Heat is still Dwayne Wade’s team. Speaking of who’s the go-to-guy, it seemed to have been egoistically demonstrated. Their respective confidence didn’t really jell…

Whereas on the other side, the Mavs relied on teamwork much evident during the 6th and deciding game. They were out to prove that they still have what it takes. They let their game speak compared to how bullish the Heat stars were in the same way “coughing out” mockery. Even the very vocal Mark Cuban “noiselessly” cooperated. They were confident that way. As for Jason Terry’s Larry O’Brien trophy image tattooed in his right biceps prior to the 2010-2011 season, it was more of an inspiration and his willingness to back it up with his teammates and their faith... They undeniably made a difference.

As great as the Heat are, the more they should humble themselves… Their loss should be taken as a learning (and humbling) experience rather than to sour grape about it. They’re still the Miami Heat with another opportunity not just at grabbing numerous championship titles in the future perhaps but a chance for modesty. Before they become “Miami Hate” by hardly mending their tarnished egos and images through further provocation of disgust and dislikes, they better recoup in gaining merit for a multitude other than those from Miami who’ll faithfully cheer them on to get that expected entitlement.

As of the moment though, the burning aversion among those affected by “The Decision” apparently infecting the whole Heat organization is still on. Let not “the conclusion” be as repulsive; rather wrap it up by just congratulating the more deserving team this time and nothing more.

Do not disprove your distinction by amalgamating your 2 trade names – the CHOsen one and the KING – into “CHOKING” further with your uncalled-for and argumentative comments. Do not be belligerent towards your detractors, turn off the heat (and hit, and hate) James. And for the haters, stop it as well.

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