Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wednesday Socks

Every Wednesday morning, my usual remark addressed to my wife goes something like “Where’s my Wednesday socks?” “You have a certain pair of socks for Wednesdays? – What a loser!” would be a perceptible smirk-inducing thought that she responds with.

I make sure I wear thicker socks during Wednesdays. Before you even agree with my wife’s “loser” comment, reason for its use provides more comfort. I walk more often on Wednesdays given the scheduled number-coding traffic scheme. Coincidentally, and as a matter of observation, it usually rain on Wednesdays. To avoid getting drenched, running is made easier with a more comfortable footwear. Thus, a thicker pair of socks serves me just right.

As if Wednesday’s hassle isn’t enough, the other day, I’ve been work-analyzing some marketing matter on the lowest foot traffic-generating day on a given month for the past 5 months and true enough, Wednesday tops it all. Alarmed of a possible off-putting turnout, similarly I’ve figured that the lowest sales-generating day per month were mostly Wednesdays.

Just when I thought Wednesday sucks, from its 1st 3 letters “wed” and being the middle day of the week, it seems to unite and balance what’s likely and the improbable. The months with Wednesday as its day with the lowest sales were the months that at least hit the monthly sales plan. Would not selling on a Wednesday be the unlikely solution? Nope! Ironically, though worn at the bottom, it serves to tender upright footing so to speak. On the merits of having done well despite some hard luck? …I was wearing my Wednesday socks! (LOL)

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