Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still Kissable Red Lips

Coming from a 4 Days/3 Nights out-of-town work-related engagement, a time off would be a welcome breather; thus, catching up on movies which I haven’t given much attention to for quite some time is one relaxing indulgence.

I’ve watched 2 movies on HBO yesterday – “The Ugly Truth” and “Big Fish”. Somehow, the movies had me thinking of timely peculiarities.

Though booked in Holiday Inn with breakfast buffet at Mequeni while we were in Clark, Pampanga other than having had a sumptuous dinner at AC Rumpa Restaurant and delectable desserts at Cioccolo or the “musical” nightcap at the Wishing Well Music Lounge, I yearned to get back home instead. My stay at the hotel gave me peace and quiet but I was actually missing my children’s clamoring. As expected, the food were flavorful just how Pampange├▒os are known to cook ‘em, however, I long to rather be eating alongside my wife (a mouthful incites considerable silence LOL).

In summation, the 2 movies correspondingly dealt with the difference between opposites only to eventually realize accepting correlation. The truth is that ‘opposites’ is what sparks off appreciation. The saying “the truth hurts” applies if one’s sensitivity can’t deal with the reality’s likelihood. There are facts that are not within acceptable limits that further disengage us from the truth that naturally takes place. Consequently, an ugly truth could in fact lead to a beautiful realization.

Coming home from the out-of-town meeting reunited not only me with my family but love with dislike… Being home constrains me from my wife’s babbling of which, come to think of it, being away liberates me from such unrest but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. She similarly complains of how I do the same but we’re just different and I believe she just doesn’t see it the way I do… She claims otherwise and sees things contradictory to my perception (often times just to counter me). Yet she expects me to do as she pleases the way she responds to what she claims as my comparable wants… Duh, remember the difference? Grrrrrr!!! #!%@*+X!!!

Currently, and just 2 days being back, we’re at it again (in each other’s nerves...) Anyway, we’ll settle this mano-a-mano our style LOL! We’ll sarcastically talk about it (like I could probably call a Dog Whisperer LOL). And we’re good... I like that our ‘dislikes’ are what sets us apart from the likely acceptance of the undeniable dissimilarity between couples. I still hate the way she puts on that red lipstick by the way.


Nonoy said...

Interesting post; neat and well written. Both of you are cute on those posters.

I miss the Kapampangan food, badly. Nothing I can find here in Cebu.

Cool blog Sir. :-)

rommel fallarme said...

Thank you Sir! : )

Ane said...


You're so annoying but I love you. I hate this post but I know you're right, but you know I will not agree with you anyway.. :P

I look weird in that poster..

FYI, that lipstick happens to be my fave shade and you know I'll still wear it regardless of what you say.. :P