Sunday, July 10, 2011


Lately, I’ve been running into former classmates and we usually catch up on some sequence throughout the many years that passed. Having been through many junctures in our lives, the thought of being in our current circumstance brought about grasp for would-be life-changing possibilities. The what-ifs and would-have-beens were contemplated upon.

I remember my aspiration on becoming a successful industrial designer after graduating from one of the only five schools that offer such course. It would have been great if I were the one who designed automobiles that could transform into robots (wink). As an employee however, one is subject to be a “robot” so it would seem. I’m not an Autobot but “optimum primed” I would say.

Concerned employees’ inclination for an optimum effect however could most of the time be subject to prejudice. As such, they’re constrained to just go along with seeming undiplomatic directives. Even worse than the imposed limitation, they’re also gauged as a letdown. Under weighty circumstance, it can’t be helped but compare the “Optimus Primes” for a leader from that of the “Megatrons” for a boss…

As to whom your loyalty should extend is not on either one but for the company wherein you (and your superiors) work for. We could only admire the leaders from whom we could outline how we could be as effective and more. In my case, with my reliability focused on the company’s interests, I appear to be the “Decepticon” of the “Megatrons” (lol).

So many thoughts presently linger in my mind that’s directed towards change. However, it’s not as simple or as smooth as transforming into a robot from a several-mile per hour speeding car… “Running low of gas will most likely slow down and eventually stop a car but it doesn’t mean it can no longer serve its purpose of going places… It could perhaps just transform into a Bumblebee-ish form and, from just garaged-parked waiting for the right driver, it’s keyed-up to make a difference…” More than anything else, it’s more than meets the eye…

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