Sunday, August 21, 2011

Give Me An “A”!

That’s the cheerleader in me. Minus the pompoms and perhaps the somersaults and the synchronized choreography, I managed to be cheerful still after some disappointing sequence.

There is a fitting reason as to why “A” being the first letter, is used as a superlative prefix for a source depictive of the best (i.e., A-List; A-Team; A-Student or what have you). “A” could however be inferior in terms of its literal usage as “A choice” for instance is second-rate compared to “The choice”.

I’m an “A” person. “A” could as well stand for Acceptance and Acknowledgment. It’s not being accepting of the fact that I’m not or will not make it as “the one” but acknowledging of transparency. As foremost as the letter “A”, I’ve landed on the “A List”... That is, I was given an “A” rating or Average from my work performance. Being used to higher ratings in the past from the smart ones, normally, getting an “A” would be quite acceptable if it was professionally gauged and from a similarly intellectually-gifted. If basis gives the impression to be from that of a personal judgment as it strongly suggests, admission would be difficult.

Consolation is found though on the actuality that the given rating is the opposite of such bias attested by many as well as verified by truth. However, the truth also remains that the imbalance would seem impossible to be rectified as much as it remains to be “A” big mistake. The fact is that there are haughty bosses who take advantage of their position just because it’s in their hands to partially assess those who rely on such measure for whatever progress and fulfillment. Another fact is, even with the opportunity to “break out” with an offer from a more appreciative entity, I remain to be optimistic… Quite certain however is that, typically (more so physically), I’m an average guy and I have long come to terms with that; but (in reality) work-wise, I outstandingly corroborate that professionalism makes sense…

now back to

Nevertheless, speaking of truth, it sets free. If such unfairness is some inconvenient truth, then it could be an indication to set free, to let go or better yet, it gives me “A” – “A” reason to be free – “A” reason to MF (Men’s Fashion?) - Move Forward… LOL!

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Ane said...

You're not just "A" choice for me, you're "THE" one.. :)

Don't mind the people who stand in your way towards success, it just goes to show how much of a threat you are to them...

You'll always have an Outstanding rating from me.. :)