Monday, September 5, 2011

"Done Deal Undone"

“Daaaaaaddyyyy, I’m dooooone!!” That’s my cue to washing off my son’s ass LOL!

Still dependent of us, we have to be patient in cleaning up our children’s mess. It’s similarly a way to instill in them some sense of responsibility. It’s ironically an “inconvenient convenience” (if I may say) to inject values relevant to their upbringing. We somehow hope that such commitment will teach them to be as conscientious amidst some “inconvenience” in going about their activities without disregard for uprightness.

If there was an “upright” thing from one father last night, it was his right hand’s upped middle finger before his kid. We were about to go through an intersection when a speeding black Honda Civic flickered it’s headlights to signal its intention to go ahead before we proceed. After braking to a halt, I defensively let them passed despite already having the advantage for a right of way. It stopped right in front of us for the young driver to flail a “dirty finger” on me. Good thing the presence of my family got the better of me. I was tempted to get back at him but thought of the negative implication I would be substantiating before my children.

What would be worse is the probable consequence of an ugly confrontation given that that arrogant driver was likewise with his family. I wouldn’t want to further warrant how his kid shouldn’t be surprised of “inconveniences” considering it “appears acceptable” to just “wag off frustrations” given it’s what’s perceived from one who should be molding a child’s character.

Children should be taught of the repercussions of both the good and the bad. Coming across situations along the way, there are both positive and negative sides wherein it validates life’s experience as the best teacher. It doesn’t have to be one’s own experience though. Thus parents tend to impart principles based on how they know it… But teaching (or showing) your children a “wrong signal” could have them think of it as the right deed which they could as well pass it on to the subsequent generation.

A fitting parental moment, we had a modeling search for children held yesterday. Expectedly, a lot of parents were behind the idea of hopefully having their children give a shot to becoming the next star perhaps. A number of children either cried it off with a seeming vulnerable reluctance or simply shied away from the very requirement of walking on a fashion runway. If the parents’ purpose is to have their children develop that needed confidence, it was a good avenue. Nevertheless, sportsmanship was reminded given there are winners and non-winners in a competition. That such be addressed appositely as a stage and not the whole cycle for learning; more so regarding life’s ups and downs. Speaking of modeling, parents and guardian would serve to be the best one to “walk the talk”.

That “dirty-finger gesturing dad” however wasn’t walking nor talking but his action spoke of so much more… Yet I heard it loud and clear as my conscience whispered “Daddy I’m done” – apparent voices of my children clamoring for my attention and innocently in search of guidance of which is a seeming reminder that as a father, I have to act like one and that I’m not done…

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