Sunday, November 25, 2012

S.T.A.R.T... Go: Sick and Tired And Raring To Go

Due to cough and colds, I was sent home from work last Monday. With an apparent suppressed cough which also had my head awfully throb, I seemed to have likewise acquired body pains. Either it was a physically-draining infection or it’s just that age is really catching up with me. I concede to the latter to be the real culprit. Those who really know me could attest that I’m not a sickly person. I believe, as much as I can physically feel it, I could have tolerated reporting for work still if not for due consideration on the possibility of a contamination. Cough, after all, even sounds off its process of virus-transmittal. Other than the possibility of transmitting the bug, chances are you also get that unwanted “Eww! Do you mind” stares; of which are added factors pushing you to rather go home and rest.

As for the ‘carrier’, coughing is likewise coughing out resources. Needless to say, aside from medicines, other detriments go to “accommodating adjustments” for the patient: sort of food/diet, visit to the doctor perhaps (which by the way differs from the consultation itself – this could be more expensive), productivity-yielding incapability, electricity consumption, other’s time and effort, et al. In other words, getting sick is a costly drawback.

In this case, isn’t it ironic how taking more (supplements) could be lessening… Apparently, getting sick is supplementary sickening.

It’s also a wakeup call. Health is wealth. With the approaching ‘SL (Sick Leave) conversion’, healthily occupying my thought exactly was the corresponding monetary recompense for every unused ‘SL’ throughout the year. Health is wealth indeed. Of which, I would have sacrificed my declining condition for that would-be financial substitute. There are contentions however as to what’s more important. Being healthy or the money? We work hard for a living; we get sick doing so; then we spend to get better for the capability to work again… What then? Which is which? Come to think of it, health and wealth go hand-and-hand. Wealth gives you the hand to be healthy and vice versa. But I believe being healthy gives the whole body and mind for the capacity to gain wealth.

My heart actually is suggesting that I (re)engage in exercise. My mind as conveyed by my eyes (and everyone else’s) wants to trim my “belly big belly”. The best realization though is that I have so much to contentedly live for…

My mind is telling me to go into ‘running’. It’s likewise having me visualize a good running shoes. Yet it’s also hinting a considerable expense… My body’s working on it. “What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve” – Pharmaton! Not that I’m promoting… I just thought it’s a fitting catchphrase (LOL). Yup, fit. Fits to a ‘T’ – ‘T’ as in ‘Tired’… tired from running; running from ‘just thoughts, no implementation’… ‘T’ as in ‘Time’… time to do it; ‘Just do it!” – Nike! (SIGH!) How I wish Nike hears me; then Pharmaton likewise pitches-in as sponsor, followed by Gatorade. Perhaps, Timex could join-in with their Timex Trailrunner T5J985. And of course, Oakley! Or Rudy Project! Or I could wake up and stop the delusion…


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Reyn said...

Me too, i cant go out with my friends due to my cough and colds. i hate it