Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Home SUITE Home

Regardless of where I am, being with my family is what makes me feel at home… There are moments however when you also enjoy the serenity of that personal space’s exclusivity… I (or I believe, we – my family) experienced both in a fitting MOMent along a timely occasion at a suitable retreat – make that SUITE-able haven.

The commemoration of Mothers’ Day just last Sunday of which subsequent to it was the national election the next day made it a long weekend. Usually, 3-day off from work is simply spent as a longer period for ‘family time’. What makes it rather extra special is some out-of-the-ordinary indulgence.

And far from commonplace indeed, we seized the chance to spend 3 nights and 3 days in a 3-bedroom suite at Azalea Residences Baguio. Markedly, too much 3s there (3-day off, 3 nights/3 days, 3-bedroom suite…) but (and as if to substantiate ‘family man’ as this site’s essence…) the best ‘3’ for me however are the similarly “threefold” reasons: father, mother and kids – Family.

Quite in harmony, Azalea Residences seems to exemplify that same value. Unlike the traditional hotels where rooms or simply a place-to-stay is what is given focus to, Azalea Residences gives importance to affectionate closeness as a complementary encounter on its own. While local sights, sounds and flavor are thought to be reasons enough for a vacation, Azalea Residences Baguio offers more with an experience corresponding with that of “home away from home”. 

True to their catch-phrase “Your holiday haven”, every day with Azalea Residences Baguio is a holy day as it encourages sanctity of affection… and as if integrating ‘having’ and ‘heaven’, one (family or group) is in for having more than a treat but a moment of realization leading to reasons of your being… This holiday haven just made me further realize the value of my family as much as having the motivation to gain the capacity in providing for them the extravagance of togetherness.

Alternatively, for the expression of individuality or that sought basic hush-hush moment, each room comes with its own flat TV should the preference for a TV program differ or even if entertainment of guests by another is taking place at the living room (or perhaps for that “sound-defying” instant hehe)…

More than an experience, more so in celebrating Mothers’ Day, it was a retreat and a gathering of memorable thoughts and life episodes even for a father like me. Actually, especially for any father whose idea of celebrating Mothers’ Day in honor of his children’s mother… The opportunity to strengthen the family union is what was gained more than anything else… Azalea Residences Baguio paved a SUITE-able avenue for that. It did not just construct a residential building similar to that a father that just took a wife and had kids. Like a father that molded a family; it established ‘Home SUITE Home’.

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