Friday, May 5, 2017

Silent No More ("Question-Able" Shoutout)

And so "Action speaks louder than words"... yet in this video, does it really convey a louder message? Don't bother turning up the volume; I was just lip-syncing some gibberish talk. 

Can you read my mind then? Can you even read my lips as to what I'm trying to say? Does it mean anything? Or can we even brush off any possible meaning and just see it as it is? The essence of nonsense perhaps... Does it have to have a meaning in the first place along the belief that everything happens for a reason? Do we even have to bother or be bothered by what it might be trying to imply? Or do I just look foolish or funny and as Asian as I could be - possibly a subject of ridicule or racism from "uncontainable" bashers? 

Have you thought about something that of which exists without a meaning? How about the likelihood of things happening under some "just because" pretense? Why are there even considered "random" things and that "serendipity" innuendo when we tend to put an interpretation in everything? Take love for instance, chances are we've been asked "Why do you love me?" by a loved one. Therein, we try to express (as well as "impress") with "awe-inspiring/hair-raising/heart-stopping" romantic clich├ęs... Can't we love "just because" we naturally feel it? Should there be that "awww-eliciting feel-good answer" as the "acceptable and society-approved" affirmation? On the other hand (err more like mouth), should we be so critical in imparting uncalled for statements and opinions? Condescendingly driven or just a bandwagoner? Indiscriminately instigating or mindlessly going with the flow? 

Have we become so insensitive or overly sensitive, egoistic and egotistic, narcissistic and judgmental that we refuse to comprehend things and issues we don't conform to and confirm with? Have we forgotten the significance of appreciating things and circumstances we think we have advantage over as well as that of what we should be grateful for? Have we not realized the reasons behind our being or distinct situation compared to that of others if only to understand and instead acknowledge the difference? Do we take offense in every possible thing as if we don't know any better as much as do we have to be defensive about harsh realities? Aren't we all guilty of something in tolerating this sequence of inherent setbacks to ensue? Yet do we rather attain some "vengeful equity" out of a misconstrued reason than gain a valuable lesson over a touching rationale? 

I hope all these questions serve to put considerable emphases on whatever realization as answers you come up with. That said (or in this case (video), inaudibly "under mimed" or sarcastically mimicked even), I leave it up to you to "put words in my mouth" as to your partiality to it. Probably, the meaning which we have to understand depends on why there are different outlooks as much as we have been given free-will. 

Nowadays however, such freedom of choice isn't based much on experiential conviction but an inclination that limits us to rather have other people influence our beliefs and rationality... The norm on ideology now seems to be dictated by what's popular and virtual. Quite a lot are swayed by famous quotes, sayings and statements just because it sounds intelligent notwithstanding its firsthand irrelevance. There's also that sense of entitlement from both sides for that manifestation of a one-sided privilege to the point of being adamant and unforgiving in accordance with the conforming majority; a sad reality when we go for "rights" instead of being right. I guess our better judgment left. Do we even have it in the first place? Or placed last? 

Yes, the irony... "silent water runs deep", whereas, "an empty can makes the most noise"... perhaps, much like a "message in a bottle floating in the ocean" - that message inside couldn't be all that compared to what we are yet to discover in a vast expanse of knowledge. For a start, we could try even just for a walk along the shore of a sea of information. It all starts with a "question(-able-shoutout)" - Can you? 

Up to you...

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