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"I Am Your Father"

Among Star Wars fans, you'd know that famous line as from that of Darth Vader...

It's similarly the same among fathers who have to fight for their rights over their children; not as "Darth Vader" though, but against "Dark Invader". Yet how "dark" could that "invader" be for a father to sacrifice almost everything including giving up the chance to be there for his kids?

In a way, it's "Star Wars" when opposing sides respectively claim they're the "star" (of their side of the story) in their custody battle; usually at the expense of who they depict as the "antagonist" as if to justify their act as the right one and 'them' to be the chosen one; perhaps like Anakin who has gone to the dark side... "Anakin'ng pating!!"

Have they even asked or considered as to whose expense is it actually; the feelings of the children corresponding with the emotional and mental implications as an after-effect? In this "space" battle (jockeying for position as to who gets a bigger space in their children's lives), sadly, what's fought-for becomes their egos' collateral damage. All of a sudden, the children's welfare as their initial concern for a main storyline is just a subplot for their preferred finale. Just when you didn't see such plot-with-a-twist coming, you completely get blindsided by what's rather more twisted, their characters. From the outer surface, they were like Stormtroopers under the pretense of purity looking all so white but they're in fact the enemy. And having a hand on it, their fitting role in this "Star Wars" might as well be "Hands' So Low"

"I Am Farther"

True enough, so low, it was a low blow... "Chewbacca ng ina talaga!!" A true story Queen Ane-nadala has been through as a kid; "growing up farther from father". This is however intended as a Fathers' Day kind of a tribute for "Hind Solo" - outwardly (be)hind and solo - Ane-nadala's father.

"Return of Dad Jedi"

On not gaining the upper hand and a superior advantage, it's not like he ended up in a posterior position because he lost. Truth be told, he unselfishly gave way. As if losing his "Princess Leia" wasn't painful enough considering her "Rebellious Alliance" to be the culprit, "the force" may not have been with him as even their 2 children was taken away. It wasn't his fault from the outset yet when the sun has set, he was even the one to endure the dimness and uncertainty of what lies ahead. Not that he's got "laserbrain" nor "not being the brightest lightsaber in the galaxy" but to spare the kids from further pain, he projected to be the "Flyboy (like Han Solo was)" he was eventually deemed to be by his kids and acted "cool as a dead star" like a father from some "Jedi Order" against "Sith" err amidst "seeth (-a seething eventuality)".

"In a galaxy far, far away"

From a distance, he loved his children even up to the point he was deemed a "rouge one". But then again, "going rouge" was a painful choice with more devastating consequences until purpose manifested for his understanding as paved by some "Yoda" in his life.

"May the Force Be with You"

Baring it all to "Yoda", I guess, eased the burden he kept to himself if only to get most of the brunt just to avoid further animosity among every one but himself... Much like giving away your children to someone else rather than breaking them apart and their would-be disposition resulting to losing themselves as much as losing them anyway... His kids' happiness and wellbeing was imperative. Then, he could have moved on. He however thought the other roles he could portray instead. Skywalker perhaps...

"Look! Sky walker"

With a ray of hope, he somehow felt like walking on blue sky having found another reason to live. But unlike the real Skywalker character, he knew his parents well and decided to take care of them instead. He thought, "failing" as a father, he'd not allow his own father (and mother) to lose a child to depression and insanity. More than willing to sacrifice his own happiness just so to put his new found purpose into good use, he did it in such a way that he never maligned anyone to the point of withholding potentially hurtful facts that could have turned things around.

"The Real Leia Session"

Make that realization... The truth has its way (through some celestial interference) of manifesting its reliability though. "The force awakens." Hence, it found its way into Ane-nadala's awareness and awakening. The fact "the truth hurts" can likewise be felt by the not guilty ones however denied of the truth or most likely those who were lied to. As hurtful as it was for Ane-nadala and how torn she was, she was actually hurting for her dad. She felt sorry for him. She feels to have wasted quality time she could have spent with her father as well as to know him well enough to understand. More than the unpleasant memory of that one fateful (or was it "unfaithful") night at Session Road, now she knows...

"Let ego or let go and Ewok away?"

Ane-nadala's father, before that "Hind Solo" alter-ego, was a school basketball star in his own right and among a few adoring students and to 1 particular cheerleader. He likewise belonged to a known fraternity - a frat boy. As a seeming jock he was back then, you could imagine the supposedly "towering self-worth" he could have lived by. Looks like "altered ego" then. He was more of a gentleman I suppose. To some, a "loser" maybe... Thus, when the cheerleader who became his "Princess Leia" and mother of their 2 daughters came to her own realization that she loves someone else, it was understandable for him to have resorted to booze but the "rebel alliance" saw it as "boos"... And as if the added insult to his injury wasn't tolerable enough, he braved to "add-in salt to his wound as means to honor the sanctity of their marriage still. Thus, instead of striking back, he rather tried striking a deal with his "replacement". (Clone wars? What the Kriff!!) It was a tough and a pipe dream kind of a last-ditch plea apparently falling on "Jabba the Hutt's ears". From that point, all hell could've broken loose. But no... 'ewok(ed) away...

"Laser shots fired!"

What could be more heartbreaking, not to mention ego-crushing than being cheated on; yet seemingly justified even by putting the blame on you for your assumed failure? Fabricated stories against him were maliciously brought up not only to smear his reputation but to self-serve as a mitigating circumstance for such debauchery to somehow be more admissible. It was not acceptable. It didn't justify the means. It'll never be...

"Aim, Fire, Strike Back"

Years have passed... occasional hi/hellos in between, as well as dramatic twists and turns. And just when she did "not give two bantha ticks about it", Ane-nadala lived up to that "nadala" name as she got carried away by her seething emotions. ("Revenge of the Seeth" right there)... She had her share of incriminating bitch-fits clouded by her teen angst back then. She blamed every one, firing defiant recriminations both ways. She dwelled on the thought of being the "falling star" outwardly caused by the "Imperial Star Destroyer" in their blame game, however, it wasn't a game for her. It was her "Gray Jedi or so character's" non-empirical outburst against them for ruining her life. Claiming they were apparently "spaced" being nowhere all her life, causing further alienation. The more it hurt "Hind Solo"; thinking one of her daughters has joined the rebellion... the more he sacrificed... He almost died.

"Death Star"

Though vaguely at peace in his own "spacecraft" ~ a fitting representation being in his own space and crafting new life, yet there was still that "dark side"... In a different world not among his kind, he learned to fit in. In the land of the rising sun, he tried to rise from it all. Having accustomed himself to the culture and the language, however, he was yet to fully grasp the language of paternal commitment when a detrimental dispatch was impulsively conveyed. It was from his rebel-with-a-misguided-cause for a daughter. At a lost thus drove himself for some sense of direction; and just as he was picking up the pieces slowly, it broke him at high speed. He may have set his eyes on the right path but a seeming "black hole" had him swerving... The hurtful content of that message from Ane-nadala disoriented his notion of that aspired-for destination and completely lost control. He crashed!

"A New Hope"

A wreckage by the tunnel, a sequel to his life looked gloomy. His subconscious mind could likely be fighting to enable himself for a chance to clear the issue with his daughter. Should he perish, he hoped for his passing to serve as a redeeming closure... On a hospital bed, he woke up after 2 days. Almost losing a limb was an apparent plight for him to realize that it was not for walking away but to step into a new beginning. To step forward and step up... and for catching up.

"Oh, Be One... Can You Be?"

A self-imposed "First Order" was to be one, one who's able, one who can... not as some "Obi-Wan Kenobi" kind of hero stuff though who'd avenge his loved one being taken away by that same "Darth Maul he cut in two" (yup, sadly, "in two" (into) a couple)... but to answer a fatherhood call... and first step was to recuperate back to his homeland. Apparently a tall order considering "was it really home?" or rather home to inescapable memories that will likewise haunt back like a "phantom menace". The force may have been with him all along; possibly imminent "forces of destiny" his persona is designated to be... Treason perceived as reason... As he was coming to terms with such fate, looking back, he knew he can't turn back time but make up for it every possible moment. Like a "rising force" as a Jedi apprentice with the "agricultural corps", he's likewise planting seeds of trees that'll branch out and bear good fruits...

"I Am Your Grandfather"

Just when he was contemplating on catching up as a father, a new role has emerged. "Outwardly lost in space" as what role to gladly assume in this "Battle of And/Or" - His portrayal as a father yet towards the end part AND/OR for this new starring (err starting?) role - "Grand Solo" or "Hind Lolo"? Grand Vader!

"The And"

Indeed and in deed, it's not the end... It's not the end being a 'vader'; even if it started as "darth" until a lightsaber glows and reveals even just a silhouette of how "grand" that could be... Either way, it'll be a manifestation of things happening for a reason corresponding with circumstances from prequel to sequel and... Yes, "and", and so on... just how you feel like you were left hanging or how you just know there's an Episode 2, a sequel, a spin off, even a back story, or perhaps for this one, an "Ane-thology" (a story of his "rebellious" daughter Ane (nadala) probably?)... And

"And Droid"

Imagine a mid-end credits' scene featuring a droid... as "Ane-droid?"

"R2 D2"

That stands for my "Riveting Rationality (in) Depicting Dad-Vader" (R2 D2). How about a depiction of that rebellious "Dad-Vader's daughter, my wife Ane-nadala, in that "Ane-thology" perhaps? "Arte Dito?" Can be... Or a "Rebel Trooper"? "Queen Am I dull huh?!" And neither is she a doll huh... As much as she's brutally blunt, I could be vividly honest but I love her nonetheless... because in truly honoring my Vader-in-law, that's the best thing I can do. Happy Vader's Day every day and Happy Birthday Dad!!

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