Sunday, December 17, 2017

Uncles and Aunties in the Middle

Being “Uncles and Aunties” currently, we’re actually in the middle age. Pun-intentionally, we’re “in-between” the age of old-school propriety and the generation of modern “notoriety”. We balance yesteryears’ simplicity and the complexity of today’s technological breakthrough. Yet, mostly among the young ones as we traverse “middle age”, they seem to deem it as midlife crisis. Apparently, the “psychological crossroad” though is the variability of one’s age group as to where they actually belong to, considering that there are varying generation classifications, age-wise.

It’s within that turning point along a clash between getting pulled by one’s youth and being pushed to full maturity. Outwardly a case of “contend or content”.

These social groupings isn’t any different from being in the middle age as it depends on life expectancy. If we are to base it on the current Filipinos’ average life expectancy rate being at around the age of 68, middle age I’d say is around 35 to 55 as compared to that of Wikipedia’s general definition to be around 45 to 65. We might as well agree then that it’s 35 to 65 if only to cover a safer assumption (Regardless, I’m in either category lol; although for Baguio, given our laidback disposition and lifestyle, I suppose we have a longer life expectancy.)


For the middle aged group however, there’s no point in arguing if it’s indeed some sort of a midlife crisis as we’re more mature than that to even refute and justify it to be anything other than an emotional critical point. Being “in the middle” after all is serving to be a balancing factor.

True enough, we’re old enough to have lived through both worlds to know better... and it’s adequate enough to prove them otherwise. A weighty head start in fact if we are to likely reason out “Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako” just as how such dictum was likewise used by our predecessors addressed to us back then. We’ve experienced the best (and probably the not so good part) of both worlds where we’d most likely get-by regardless of time. Imagine today’s generation if they could survive “budget” over gadget? Yet, if they’ve been accustomed to it like how we did, they’d probably be as flexible and they’d be able to adapt; I’d at least openly give them that.

We become the glue that makes that connection. I believe that we’re the “Generation X” for a binding reason. Through us, we “X-pound and X-plicate an X-cceptable X-planation” for that of Generation Y and iGeneration’s “Whys and i’s”. We X-tend those excuses to “Why not” and “We instead of I”... Possibly a “pretXt” as our fleXibility makes us the pre-Millennials to their Millennial and Post Millennial orientation as much as we are post-Baby Boomers (“Boomer’s Baby”). We’re X-marked as the “middle child”.

It is our generation that is X-pected to X-ude rationality as we absorb the “compartmental resistance” like the “magnetic force” that we become to their magnets’ opposite poles. Yes, there is that “interconnection”... more of composite than opposite actually. Seemingly, we become the parents of our children we introduce to their grandparents (and vice versa); that kind of connection... It’s our role to balance that and “make both ends meet”. Thus, let us refrain from focusing on the pride-inducing differences but rather embrace the correlation. We have our respective eras.

By “respective”, I mean we could apply the key word there to be “respect”. While respect is something earned and not demanded, we earn it by likewise showing it. For instance in looking back at our time (the good ol’ days) vis-à-vis with that of their’s, let us rather integrate the “purposeful comparison” in lieu of an “egocentric difference”. Similarly, let us not assume as to who or what’s better considering we all have a role to play along the way that of which are all intermingled in a way.

We have to be cautious as well as conscious on what our children turn out to be notwithstanding the difference in time and environs because it’s somehow a reflection of our guidance.

That’s what makes “Uncles and Aunties of Baguio” different. With that “customary Baguio term for proper courtesy”, we’re all related/connected with Baguio as our common denominator. For us Gen X, the current Uncles and Aunties, we owe it to our “Uncles and Aunties” (the Baby Boomers) that kind of connection we are to pass on to the next generation of Uncles and Aunties.

Baguio is (or shall I say was) one household so to speak. If we are to describe what we were as to how they say it now, we were “In a Relationship”. We thrived in being passive of positivities yet outwardly impassive of the opposing thing with due civility to whom/where courtesy was due while giving “affinity” considerable thought. Our relationship now seems "It's Complicated".

What happened? Where did it go?

Take note of (that lost) respect:

  • We may be as opinionated then, but we did not resort to bashing or even rallies (shout-out of collision of coalition) as we respected the tradition of the elders’ diplomatic way of addressing issues; we were not “political”. (Now, we abuse self-entitlement partial to our preference without regard for others’ choice and rights.)
  • We may have a voice but we know when to “just keep quiet” or just ignore what “should not” bother us as some means to respect our difference in opinion. (Now, we're too sensitive thus there’s that need to “scratch that itchy tongue” by blurting out even uncalled for comment/s and a similarly partial belief...)
  • We may be of mixed race, an immigrant or of Cordilleran-lineage and influenced by various factors but it’s what made us well-rounded and respectful of others’ penchant, color, language/mother-tongue and even racial background. (Now, we’ve become overly clannish and “hardcore exclusive” as if we’re the only one that matters disregarding others' contribution and respective style/approach...)
  • We may not go gaga over celebrities but it didn’t mean we don’t admire them; we just respected their personal space as much as we respected our Baguio-accustomed “local” decorum. (Now, it’s reasoned out more as a conceited propensity like we’re “a star shining brighter”.)
  • We may have valued our simple and casual bearings, but back then, we were sincerely welcoming and respected guests and visitors’ appreciation of our city as a tourist destination. (Now, we generalize tourists as those “unwelcomed ones” we want driven away.)
  • These are just a few of the many changes...

Again, what happened to us?

Back then, every body KNEW everybody, thus “Uncles and Aunties of Baguio” aims to relive or hopefully regain that lost “relationship” among us/those lost ties between us. Because despite of the “naivety” on the ever-changing technological innovations, the grey hair, the back pains, the rheumatism and all, we can still make a difference. And we can (re)start by reconnecting and injecting good vibes through positivity and happiness instead. “Uncles and Aunties of Baguio” are after all “Uncle-lit at Auntie-bay”. We’re here for that... It's "Uncle" for unity "Auntie" relive happy memories.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

as of Dec 17 and counting...

Monday, November 20, 2017

Uncles and Aunties of Baguio: Who We Are is Who We Were

While it’s true that it was patterned from, as well as inspired by the far more reaching “Titos and Titas of Manila” Facebook group which apparently has been conceptualized from its recently implied premise, “Uncles and Aunties of Baguio“ on the other hand was initially thought of and created for the purpose of a more nonchalant acceptance given its commonplace exclusivity other than reliving the good old times as an acknowledgment of the difference from any other generation.

Come to think of it, the connotation behind “Tito/Tita of (what place)” as currently referred to doesn’t actually have “that sweet” forethought. It’s almost leaning towards “that sourness” caught between “nagmumurang kamatis” and being “may asim pa”... Imagine (say) one in his 40s at a party among a bunch most likely half his age “leveling” with the young ones still yet courteously addressed as “Tito” (not to mention, that’s with ”po” and ”opo”)...

However, not to appear defensive and at the same time brush off that seeming denial phase, it’s deemed by “Titos and Titas” as some means to counteract with a “comparative difference” based on partiality to their time and the outward projection that they can still keep up.

Here in Baguio however, Uncle and Auntie (Tito and Tita) has a “relatively familiar and traditional” undertone; at least, during the time of “Titos and Titas”. Its use extends further to courteously address anyone old enough to qualify as such. Even those manning sari-sari stores were referred to as Uncle or Auntie; “Manong and Manang” were for those just-a-bit-older than us...

There seemed to be no strangers considering how small Baguio (population-wise) was. The “every body knows everybody” frame of reference back then manifests in that “you’re from Baguio” familiarity. I remember how we greet or acknowledge our “acquaintance” upon seeing a co-Baguio resident anywhere outside of the city (“Uy, taga Baguio...”). There was one instance sometime ago when I saw former Mayor then-City Councilor Peter Rey Bautista at SM City North Edsa, we nodded in recognition and even shook hands... Had the same experience with other “familiar faces” several times.

As an “Uncle (or Tito of Baguio and Manila)” myself, I’ve seen the difference and the progression of/from both ends from back then to now. Like anyone else, we may not know everything but we’re certain though of the fact based on our own discretion and discrimination that we grew up along the best music era as we were in harmony. In fact, you can expect one of the best night life of fun for a party even among today’s generation (or millennials as we call them) with a DJ from the 80’s behind the turntable. Yes, “turn the tables” even, no prob; we’re flexible that way. We’ve also donned a colorful array of overlays (physically and figuratively) as cool as we thought we were only to be included among the “worst fashion styles” today... This said, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, enough to confirm we’re far from the epitome of what and how life should be... Yet we manage... We're not perfect but, at least, we're happy. Similarly with the "Uncles and Aunties" Facebook group, despite the "imperfection", it's better than the likewise annoying social media posts from clashing parties and what-not.

Life was simple back then, nonetheless, we know how to be “passive impassive” when dealing with intricacies as well as complications. Notwithstanding, we rather maintain our even-tempered disposition.

For the current “Uncles and Aunties”, we’ve seen as much as experienced the time of our lives growing in a laidback and peaceful community and along the way, have gone through leaps-and-bounds kind of changes and technological breakthrough in every aspect of our being; more so, becoming today’s “Uncles and Aunties” (of Baguio). While today’s generation, our children’s (or “nephews/nieces’) generation continues to grow and thrive in this modern “world wide web (www)” so to speak, we’ve gone through both worlds with our own “www” for a reason giving us “that edge”. That “www” might as well stand for “Who We Were!” or “Ways We Went-through/by...” It sure gave us a formidable foundation.

Through this “Uncles and Aunties of Baguio” Facebook group, we hope to bring back Baguio’s old glory even just through our happy memories if only to serve as some basis for all of us to look back where we came from and, if possible, to apply the same virtue, tranquility, love and warmth (for our own kind/our Baguio/visitors given its tourist destination status/others, etc.) amidst today’s social media noise, detrimental issues, political turmoil and even proliferation of fake news among other concerns. Because Uncles and Aunties of Baguio are as real as we can get as much as how fun and real it was were our good ol’ days...

Thinning hairline, bulging waistline and all, “maasim na kam- este may asim pa kami noh!! Adda pay ibuga mi met or in this case, addu pay ibaga/i-post mi...”

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Spread The Love

Like the profound essence of love, this is the previous post, Stop The Hate’s continuation... A ‘Part 2’ if you will... a sequel, a spin-off, an extension, a supplement, an annex, a growth, a reason, a portion, a plot, a subplot or anything in between, a story, the “spreading” of it and everything else... It could as well be a “prequel”.

A “prequel” since ‘love’ has always been the beginning of everything. We’re all here because of love. No matter what and how our coming-into-being’s circumstance maybe, we’re here for a reason. Love is a purpose. To love and be loved is our quintessential objective.

An unending affair supposedly, considering letting go is likewise a manifestation of love. Love for one’s self is a primal requisite. Thus, don’t be too hard on yourself and others... Similarly, life’s lessons are love essentials. Love endures.

Along the way though, there’ll be trials and heartaches for one to possibly feel the opposite. Hate is as potent in dictating how you’d most likely react. This reaction will confirm another side of yourself. It’ll define a dark side of your personality or reputation. Consequently, it’ll pave the way to a corresponding response.

Hate, as intense as love is, is as strong a word capable of stirring psychological imbalance; an even stronger inkling when emotionally manifested. An obstacle for love to prosper. Yet an essential consciousness for one to appreciate love.

Love sets free... only if one freely understands and accepts hate as its perceptive however adverse flip side. We may know what love is, what it’s about, how it feels and all that but if insensible on hate’s repercussion brought about by its similarly unthought-of instigation, it renders love’s objective useless.

We are by nature (and understandably) sensitive to our own well-being, yet, consequently prompting intolerance for things that don’t go our way. It confines us within our limitations amidst the promise of moral sensibility. Even with such gift of prudence, we ironically fail to acknowledge our individualities and peculiarities. Hate instigated by pride and ego locks up our common sense, it detains our better judgment.

Freedom and diplomacy, it’s taken for granted in consideration of spreading your wings or clipping it as an expression of freewill either way, why choose the latter... Why not fly away/soar high to get a bird’s eye view for better understanding? Why swoop down on a prey from a one-sided angle? Tactful or confrontational? How could one be truly liberated, is it by wisely letting go or to belligerently hold your ground? Would you rather cross your fingers and have faith or cross your arms and be up in arms to confront one’s fate? If it’s destiny under one’s discretion, why settle for a path towards animosity?

Don’t you think that “We are but humans” is a weak justification of our human nature given our capacity for discernment as an advantage over other life forms? Another thing that gives us ascendancy among the living is love. It allows us to act appropriately, unlike other species relying on either instinct or through the course of nature. Yet such aptitude turns into attitude...

Accordingly, it’s really up to us. We were after all gifted with a consummate substantiation of love ~ freewill. From the word itself, “free will” ~ a self-determining preference/intent/decision, thus it’s not overbearing. Therefore, we might as well use it to spread the positive side of it... Constructive criticism is not ‘hate’ or, at least, there’s a diplomatic way to address and deliver such things. Modesty is one thing. Kindness is another. There’s a thin line between simply being proud and boastfully having pride.

Say an accomplishment of someone for instance, nevertheless, “spread” how it is such an achievement indeed. Lean towards the deed’s good points. Do not spread it in a way that it’ll be at the expense of and by being detrimental to the opposing party as to the difference and feasibility of its attainment or the lack thereof from the opposite end. By all means, gain fulfillment over such success, not over the other one’s failure; celebrate the love, not the hate.

Or to give a more precise paragon (yet relative to life), let’s refer to “choosing love” itself. When you have suitors for example, rejoice in being privileged to even have options, some don’t even have a choice. Be grateful of your advantage but do not be judgmental of other’s “downside”. Of these suitors, one could be the eventual lucky one. Get excited over the courtship process or a new relationship perhaps but you don’t have to rub-in the “ugly reason behind the rejection” of which you deem the others to be guilty of. Likewise, in justifying your choice, do not rob him off of his worthy attributes that led him to be your “top pick” by pointing out his rival/s’ negative traits instead. Your love for him or your love for each other being more impactful and rightfully matched regardless of circumstance and after those “series of tests” should be the edge he’d feel meritorious about celebrating with you. Yet now, people are more inclined to talk about the “juicier negativities” in such a way that “sour grapes” become “sweet lemons”. Outwardly, “hate is disguised as love” so to speak...

Love is not a competition. It’s not about gaining advantage over others as much as a “rejected suitor” should feel thankful to have given the opportunity to express his love (“It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”). On the other hand, imagine having suitors with the same “likable qualities”, thus, don’t rely on what’s likable as ‘love’ is the answer. As I’ve always pointed out, when you like, you take; on the contrary, when you love, you give. When you base your decision on what you like instead of who you love, not far-fetched is a hate-inducing dislike lurking over possible disappointments due to failure of expectations... Whereas when it’s love, it’s more accepting, it understands...

Quite discordant though, we become more disappointed at people whom we’ve invested love for (I, myself, am guilty of this). Apparently reconciled to be pleased with a better treatment, the more hurtful it is when a letdown is from that of a loved one, even so, no matter how petty. We expect too much basing it on our own standards notwithstanding due deference for varying dispositions. Pride is more intense on this one, while ego is more strident among unfamiliar characters... Either way, it causes friction. Such heaviness takes a toll on pleasantries and good-natured affection. Love stalls.

Then again, why subject yourself to a destabilizing weight when you can actually drop that “off-balancing” heavy load and just carry-on with what’s rather beautiful. Fact is, as emphasized in Stop The Hate”, some people just can’t help but “spread hate”. They’re as crucial in serving a function if only for us to further spread love. Much like the existence of the serpent in the Garden of Eden in all its (supposedly) perfect glory, it is for us to understand now how we don’t have to be as weak to just fall for one fruit in exchange for what’s more fulfilling, to love and be loved... (to be continued...) err To be carried out...

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Stop The Hate

And spread the love...

I could have used “Spread The Love” for a title and the “stop the hate” for an onset instead... However, nowadays, a more intriguing issue leaning on negativity stirs a more engaging traction; when subject is abject. “Vilify and it goes viral; praise and it (apparently) goes to waste...” Also, I could have just merged the two as it should be; given that when you stop the hate, it should correspond with spreading the love.

But then, what’s rampant along today’s society is how people would rather pay attention to other people’s “negative attributes” to conjure up prodding against those being maligned instead of focusing on (their) fine qualities that merit compliments.

For some, they forego of the possibility of being labeled as “humble brags” which similarly get misinterpreted (probably out of envy) and turn into critical imputations from others. Thus, they turn into the opposite as critics instead and express something else against anyone/thing from which it advocates disdain.

As I’ve cited many times over, “It’s easier to succumb than to resist” as a prompt that supplements “It’s more difficult to solely stand your ground being principled yet belittled than to stoop down to a level so low and just go with the flow” regardless of incriminating issues... Consequently, we generally go for what’s more popular but not necessarily right; yet it also may not be faulty altogether...

The point however is that we’re too concerned of likeminded people’s confirmation as well as conformance, sometimes (if not often) to a fault and at the expense of someone else. Is it easier to hate than to love? Or isn’t it that it feels lighter and more fulfilling to show forbearance towards adversaries and trials instead of subjecting yourself to stress over gaining a “hateful advantage” over others? Apparently, egos make it extra difficult to swallow pride and (naturally) easier to dislike something you don’t like (no wonder Facebook doesn’t have a “Dislike” button lol). It’s social media, not a medium for anti-social...

There are also those who spread hate by defaming others through a trending topic, either against an already famous personality or just someone you’d help “achieve” fame through infamy... What’s kinda provocative is the fact that even (say for example) when popular sports’ championship games’ results get trolled against the runner-up instead of just celebrating their cheered-for team’s victory. We are by nature “mapangkantiyaw/mga alaskador” (teasers, wherein “BI” could stand for “Banter Injector” which, most likely ends up as “Bad Influence” indeed as it influences other fans to spread such “offensive foul”). We find gratification in adding insult to injury. Similarly, annoyance further gets piqued with an in-your-face manifestation of “success” (or a “living the life” post) as some means to sarcastically validate how it’s a better standing/life one has compared to that of the targeted and affected party. “Envy is heavy” and we add up to the weight... While, to each his own, let us be a bit sensitive and considerate... or are we likewise envious?

Are we like this? Do we spread hate? Don’t “react” if you’re not/if you do not... as one reason we are most likely like it or at least have done so or probably did it once or twice is because of our innate reactive temperament as opposed to a proactive capacity. And because as above-mentioned, it’s “naturally” easier... even though we have the righteousness within us to actually see the good in others as well as the offsetting purpose behind it. We just seem to refuse because then again, being overly opinionated weighs heavier to be highlighted over a witting unwitting silence. It’s a burden that ticks one off and gets triggered to blow off. Inherently bursting or intentionally blurting it out to release such heavy weight although it’ll feel lighter to just let go is as ironic as “wanting to make a difference”, however, escalating differences.

Nonetheless, there are those shared posts, however detestable, which may actually be helpful to share. It’s for awareness. Responsibility though is imperative to avoid spreading unverified reports considering the proliferation of these sort of articles for whatever hidden agenda’s worth. At any rate, for all its sensitivity that affects quite a lot, it likewise induces hate either way.

Others capitalize on such “free” publicity as no matter how bad it is, it’s still publicity. It’s what stirs the general public’s interest, a gullibility that’s taken advantage of... Bashers, attention-seekers, fame whores, fake-newscasters and the like never admit that they’re in it for that purpose of living up to their “(in)famous” designations but “a matter of opinion” or “freedom of expression” and yet will bask in the virality of their notoriety.

Then again, these are what incite us. We thrive in excitement over these “hateful” intrigues and substantiations. Stories of love in kind words and similar posts seem to bore us. We forgo of assumed sanctimonious and self-serving subjects such as this article. We assume it to be guilt-tripping instead of perceiving it as an eye-opener. “Hate” gets the better of us.

Furthermore, there’s no sign that it (or they) will slow down, more so stop anytime soon as there’s a susceptible market in us. We are as tolerant in allowing this to happen... We are as guilty in spreading hate...

Nevertheless, we are as powerful to stop it. Instead, spread love.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Divided We’re Falling... Out of Harmony

As somehow a postscript to the real saying “...divided we fall” which means we fundamentally fall apart as a team when we get divided in any/every unifying aspect, “divided, we’re falling” is more like how we are already into a state of dissension by which we’re in the process of disintegrating... 

This is basically what’s happening to us now. I thought I’d express my sentiments on the matter in time for the United Nations Day celebration, a commemoration of peace and unity among various races and nationalities given the diverse culture however “peace-loving” being an essential UN membership criterion.

Quite timely and fitting, in preparation for the UN Day celebration, my son was given a homework which focuses on unity. He was to fill up a word for an acronym with poem-like sentences relevant to the assigned word and the subject at hand. The word/acronym is HARMONY. And these are what we came up with:

H ~ Humanity restores its faith
A ~ Amidst differences and hate
R ~ Race has become a divider
M ~ Men are apart far and wider
O ~ Oneness tho’ is yet aspired for
N ~ Nothing’s better than unity for a core...
Y ~ Yet we need to sustain it forevermore


H ~ Humankind
A ~ Above
R ~ Race
M ~ Means
O ~ One
N ~ Nation (that’s)
Y ~ Yearned-for

In context, its meaning is actually the same. Our point for such a gist in this case though is more on the objective and real essence of “harmony” that of which is lacking from our current society. While we may still be “one” in general but don’t have that harmonious relationship, we are as out-of-tune as a composition with discordant notes.

True enough, we have not only varying but more of conflicting opinions. Ironically, realization of and for its diplomatic importance isn’t being liberally realized. Every concerned entity from (even for and with) their standpoint, they seem firm and condescending on getting their message across without regard for the significance of diplomacy and the balancing differences.

But even with this actuality, we’re “defensively programmed” (by nature?) to deny such haughty approach. We’re too proud and tend to be uptight when we are at the receiving end of criticisms. "Respecting other people's opinion" isn't really appropriate when the opinion is disrespectful... as much as respect differs from fear. Let’s not even cite our current President for example as we are all aware, whether one is a supporter or an oppositionist, how brazen his demeanor could be, which apparently, a considerable number of his supporters similarly adapt to.

"Paandar ni Andanar"

That “iyot” remark by his PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar against EU was totally uncalled for. Meant to be funny, yet it wasn’t. To think that he represents and heads the Presidential Communications Operations Office, it was a candid conveyance done in bad taste.

Such blunt utterance, more than eliciting amusement among those who are as brash and censorious, was a furtherance of enmity. Its widespread structure sets an unnerving impulse to be a middling norm given their influential position and pivotal role. The delivery was justified to be “in jest” for their audience but the message wasn’t for them, thus, it wasn’t witty at all.

Therefore, to promote harmony, who are we to look up to and rely on when these people expected of a creditable decorum lack the decency to be receptive at least or even be substantially clever? And like a wayward child to be censured supposedly for all its moral guidance’s worth that could have been a favorable and an impartial decision from no less than The Palace, however they even defend those who put them in a bad light, likewise categorizing our nation in the same reflection.

Freedom Of Information not "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!"
We’re hopeful still though that we’d soon blend well. Or not. I don’t know. Either we wait or simply rely on faith amidst the spreading of hate. In our own little way though, we can look past the idea of an agreeable transformation from those assumed to hold the key (or is it off-key?) for it and rather start with and within ourselves.

As for me, I’m starting from and for that of my own basic unit of society, my family. To teach my kids about the crux of humanity as opposed to the crooks of humankind. There's good and bad... That no matter what the odds maybe, there are acceptable means to address it without shutting down/off (more so, without resorting to below-the-belt profanity - pun intended) any entity serving a vital part for either one or both to grasp a considerable understanding of life beyond race, culture, belief and principle.

Citing the Garden of Eden with the diversity of nature and of different (animal) instincts as an in-tune representation for that of our current world how it seems to be attuned with everything nice, regardless, there was the serpent and its forbidden fruit for a tempting offer for one to rather belt out a different tune and bailout from the rhythm. Not to be like A’danar err Adan, I mean Adam who could have been stronger (than any “Eve” among us) to not just go with the flow given that it’s easier to succumb than to resist considering such weakness to be some manifestation of a personality without much substance... ‘cause you don’t sing just because you know the lyrics but, by some means, give justice to the melody... something we can all sing in harmony.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Self-Incriminating Irony of Ironies

The irony of ironies...

The irony of ironies is that a fraternity brother for a neophyte has been killed from hazing by his supposedly "big brothers" who pledged an oath of brotherhood...

The irony of ironies is that he died at the hands of those he thought were to eventually give him a hand, however gave him a closed fist that handed him his eventual death...

The irony of ironies is that he sensed his decision to have made sense to join the fraternity of his choice based on “trustworthy members”, yet they suspiciously led him to his senseless death...

The irony of ironies is that those who are expected to pick you up when you’re down, picked you up and unexpectedly put you down...

The irony of ironies is that a criminal act has been committed by those wanting to fight off criminality as would-be lawyers...

The irony of ironies is that these people wanting to be part of the justice system are into obstruction of justice...

 The irony of ironies is that the truth backed by a strong evidence is apparently weakened by a similarly backed-up corroboration of alibis...

The irony of ironies is that the invoking of right against self-incrimination as some “code of silence” is, for all its blatant indications, a decoding of a resonating invocation of self-condemnation...

The irony of ironies is that despite the turn of events pointing to their “illegal physicalities”, events have turned leading to legal technicalities...

The irony of ironies is that despite the manifestation of guilt beyond reasonable doubt, there is however the assumption of innocence by means of a seemingly unreasonable procedural law...

The irony of ironies is that the obligatory “the law is the law” for a firm affirmation as a regulative protocol to protect the rights of people, lacks an admissible severity by which it likewise serves to protect the rights of law breakers who didn’t oblige by it in the first place...

The irony of ironies is that these incongruities are actually logical means that prove the irony behind our own cynicism... 

The irony of ironies

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Real News on Fake News

Before today’s social media generation and among social media influencers, there was what we call then as “BI (Bad Influence)”. As it was and as anything worth opposing, there was likewise the opposite or the “good influence” but wasn’t even referred to as “GI”. Apparently, “BI” had more impact other than having had a louder ring to it corresponding with a more intriguing “sounding off” of its influential conquest that’s more likely to create a buzz and be heard for all its telltale details’ “juiciness”.

“GI” seemed to have a softer (bo)ring to it...

It’s the same thing with what’s going on along today’s way of influencing through social media. Rumor is what it was called then, fake news is what it’s “believed” (pun intended) to be “referred to” now. Yes, “referred to” as it’s likewise something that’s preferred from which they refer-to for anything believed to be a valid reference.

The sad truth is that blabbermouths spread it for all their attention-seeking intent. Not much of a difference from that of “fake-newscasters or blah-ggers” (and even those who share it) for all its trending-worthy gains ~ which merits them points for views not point of view; clicks from clickbaits and not “likes” for its likable traits. Sadder still is that they have the audacity to defend it as satire and that it’s “freedom of expression”; which by the way is justified with ironically a restraining argument... What they’re not saying is that they’re likewise taking advantage of the people’s credulity in falling for these kinds of news under their “credible pretense”.

And as if the opposite is what’s rather given emphasis to substantiate one’s definition, other things aren’t any different. Like “support for someone”, it’s unwarrantedly defined nowadays as detrimental to others. Say for example, if they like red, it gets validated by hating blue; and to express such support for red is to tarnish blue by alleging its true color to be black... (now the other colors think blue is fake... and if blue is black, who is black? Could it be red? Or green perhaps? Until we’re consumed by all the assumptions and lies...) Why can’t red just be as it is and assume its role as an integral part of a potentially colorful spectrum... You get the point, right...

A refusal to understand this or the lack of better comprehension to do so is leaning towards blind obedience as we don’t (or perhaps dismiss the possibility to) see the bigger picture and the “what ifs” given the varying effects on a likewise diverse culture under one rule/one race amidst a substantial number of different beliefs. Quite alarming even is how we as a society in general disrespect other ideologies other than that of what and who conforms to our own cause.

And they’re so loud that it’s what resonates among conscious minds quelling even your conscience’s whisperings of actualities. It’s their intention to cover up their questionable stand with reverberating noise which subdues your subconscious reasoning as well. Also, as cunning as they are in circulating detractions, they even manage to reverse the tide that’s turned against them. It’s meant to be published loudly as a defense mechanism to further deafen the silent majority. Such noise is to likewise project a formidable stronghold which they indiscriminately believe to be stronger and to be the truth; however, they’re similarly blinded by obvious numbers but oblivious to the real count.

To breakdown these figures, for instance, we’re under one rainbow of which has 7 colors (ROYGBIV)... Let’s just assume Red, being the first color, to be the head. Red has 15 loyal supporters compared to the other colors with 5 each. Indeed a big advantage over each one. But to sum up all these “5s” who are not for Red, that adds up to 30. It just so happens that the 25 seems to be silent which apparently tolerate all these...

Newsmongers thrive on this seemingly lackadaisical predisposition as some “tolerable” means to drum up their “public affairs” of concocting issues worth feasting on as much as to play with others’ thoughts... Currently, with all these fake news, they are the modern day gossipers. Whereas those who engage in the proliferation of these tall tales/cock-and-bull/falsifications and what-nots, they are the modern day “mga tsismoso’t tsismosa!” They are the modern day “BI”.

This wouldn’t even be an issue to begin with if we have that common sense to understand and recognize it as it is - fake! Another issue is that we don’t even think before we click. We don’t verify before we vilify... if so, then we are as guilty in allowing all of these falsehoods to happen out of blind allegiance. Ruefully, such loyalty is claimed to be for the country you “serve” however it’s the same country you try to divide... it’s as fake as one’s hypocritical patriotism.

Yet “fake” seems to be inherent in us as we live in denial of how we are as gullible over hoax and rip-offs among other fake things from pirated CDs to counterfeit goods. Let’s not even argue about how this is manifested on how copyright infringement and the plagiarism business thrive out of our stingy and pretentious propensity... Similarly how we wear these branded imitations for all our packaging’s worth, we are as fake as the fake news to allow the wolf to wear sheep’s wool if only to gain the upper hand at the expense of the flock of sheeps yet favorable to their own pack of wolves.

Another dissimulation along this premise is that we tend to be defensive of this “ignorance”... One media personality even lambasted a Senator for generalizing our society to be suffering from this predicament due to our “stupidity” (case in point: That’s why it’s under investigation through a Senate hearing because it’s an issue that’s plaguing us as a nation) which is, as a matter of fact, a reflection of a flawed reasoning of our country in general. Considering the clamorous nature that’s bespoken, it’s indeed the image it resonates. And does that not convey ineptitude as according to this media personality, we’re not stupid people? Well, perhaps the silent majority aren’t... but then again, “empty vessels make the most noise” if only to broadcast that they are “thinking”. However, fact of the matter is that how could we even spot such fake cognizance in a “hollow (and shallow) gray matter”? Perhaps a fake brain (one that makes you believe it’s thinking)? Under this outwardly hopeless circumstance, should we rely on faith then as to believe is to see (as there’s no concrete visual of a brain)... Besides, isn’t that a sign for us to further strengthen our faith considering the miraculous manifestation of “sensibility” from some entity without the capacity for common sense... 

Mabuti pa yung “walang utak” (empty), but a “fake brain”... you’d err you’re made to believe anything other than the truth and it seems to do the thinking for you. Sadly, those with the real brain gets played by the fake one. Newsflash: “Nag-iisip ka ba?! Are you even thinking?”