Sunday, September 27, 2009


Fetching my mother from the grocery last Sunday, I’ve picked up ire as well. She was about to board the car when a cab driver wouldn’t allow her to comfortably and safely get in as he continued to unpleasantly drive towards her. As if that wasn’t enough, he rudely shouted at my mom saying she shouldn’t be boarding where we were – in a drop-off point where they too pick up their passengers. That ticked me off!

I was behind the car as I just closed the compartment door right beside the cab driver. Having witnessed his arrogance, I approached and disdainfully cursed him. Pointing out his disrespectfulness seemingly admonishing him of how would it affect him if such is similarly done to her mother, I bullied him. I was somewhat harsh. The cab driver’s face suddenly changed into a terrified-pitiful look. Guilty, I knew I could have been more diplomatic… Spur of the moment rather got the better off me… If my bullying of him was witnessed by anyone, chances are, their sympathies will be for that piteous-looking jerk. They’ll probably even condemn my act of haughtiness given their likely thought of my supposed-to-be-better disposition compared to a cab driver.

That’s just how it is. Sympathies are rather conferred to the apparent victim. Like for instance, a wife who gets beaten up by her husband gets the commiseration from people even if the aggravation was due to her own doing. In a related story, one public figure was rather denounced of his ungentlemanly behavior. Together with his “men”, they beat the hell out of his cheating wife and her lover. Unfortunately for him, his actions were magnified as recognized as his stature. As if that’s not enough to teach the aggressor to mellow down, with his weighty influence, he has been weighed up as heartless markedly sufficient to smear his name.

Normally, among ordinary people, we chide those at fault with “good for you” or “you deserve it” once they’ve tasted a consequence they’ve had it coming. It may not be justifiable but explicable of reasons people are usually deaf to. I’m not saying it’s alright as it is normal but it would only be fair if we’d rather not pass on judgment or make criticisms on matters we vaguely understand.

However it may suck, it’s a reality. Different strokes for different folks as they say, we have different personalities. We all have our quirks. One way or another, we generally manifest some normal abnormalities.

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