Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recognizing Intelligence

Today, we came from my daughter Chakai’s recognition day. It was actually their school’s 6th Commencement Exercise for grade school. Part of the program was to recognize the students’ exemplary curricular achievements. As we were told of such occasion with Chakai being among the honor-students, we were quite surprised to have heard her name called for one more award. 

Though very proud of what Chakai has attained, I can’t seem to be contemptibly boastful of having my genes in her as the factor for her accomplishments. Hereditary reasons for ones’ own offspring’s success has been a common leg-puller for a story. The thing is it’s jokingly addressed with a confirming witticism. That’s alright. However, prior to this prideful day, one person was so proud of her “intellectual genetics” that she claims (through FB) of such to be the foundation of Chakai’s academic triumph. Apparently discontented of her assertion, she continued to validate their family’s innate ascendancy by declaring their state-university upbringing (make that UPbringing). She could have stopped after her initial comment and that would have been alright. Yet, rubbing THEIR “Ivy League” orientation in was out-of-line. It wasn’t smart. It’s like saying that those who didn’t go to school are stupid or just because you went to “that school”, nothing compares… One who has the means to go to a good school doesn’t mean has the clout to be as worthy as what it projects; even that is no-brainer. Just when the issue was about intelligence, good judgment seems to have been missed out. Or she could have been at a lost between being smart and being smart-alecky. 

Also, pride appeared to have likewise gotten the better off her as she seemed to have been provoked by similar witty comments from my side of the family. Aggravating as well was how I harmlessly (so I thought) commented back on how Chakai should rather be encouraged instead and given the credit that’s due her…

Unaware of one’s background (or really manifesting the lack of intelligence), before you could be self-importantly rude, have at least the decency to know first where your subject-of-insult comes from. One who’s gifted enough exudes modesty… and encouragement is supposed to be inspiring not boastful.

Unless one’s existence is through nature-defying scientific breakthrough by an “intelligent” scientist, our being from that of The Creator is a collaboration of more than one hereditary unit. Nevertheless, one’s intellect is not solely credited to these sequences of DNAs. For if we are bright enough, it would be comprehensible for us to know that intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge through a range of aspects. I just gained another: Intelligence is recognizable even through stupidity.

Since then, she has been a consistent Honor Student...

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Ane Fallarme said...

Very well said B.. :)

I don't know what to feel first though, embarrassment or frustration. I am sorry people like that exist in my side of the family, although I get comfort in the fact that they were practically absent my entire life.. :P