Monday, April 24, 2017


Congrats to my "forever baby" girl! Your rank may have tailed off but your general weighted average went up, thus, it's all good... What I'm most proud of actually is that you've accomplished all of these without even trying yet you manage to consistently secure a spot... somehow, you're number 1 on that category...

You know my stand on that, right? As long as you pass and understand the real essence of it all while enjoying the learning process sans animosity as you're only "competing" with yourself (if only to be a better person than who you were yesterday) as much as you should prove your true value for all the worthwhile reasons then it's downright alright. And that's under the pretense that "right" isn't always practical from a generally opinionated society's multifaceted standard...

It's a good preparation for the real (or corporate) world ahead of you. You see, rankings and hierarchy are overrated as much as political even, unless you're indeed deserving... More so, assume the responsibility and commitment behind your designation, not the prestige and condescending authority that comes with it. You have a purpose among others who similarly have their respective portrayal however opposite or apposite to that of yours... it may be "small" or it may seem inadequate but make it count.

Whereas on your current scholastic journey, I want you to see it as more than an education from an academe's perspective but an enlightenment on life in general acknowledging every one and every thing playing their integral role/part along the way as above-cited. Try to gain that lasting wisdom for the good of humanity more than the needed intellectual capacity just for societal conformity.

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