Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Godfather

August 28 is a day I somehow wrote about way back. As to how the date came to be significant for me is its affirmation on how changes make quite a difference. In such case, its how by some means helped lead to maturity and how the obvious – being older (and larger), quite expectedly constrained my suppleness (LOL).

Yesterday, another occasion added to its significance. A couple was wed of which they asked me to be one among their principal sponsors. It would have meant a lot even for me if I were able to attend and stand as a godfather to a wedding for the first time. What I value most though is their consideration to even regard me as godfather-worthy.

There was a time (or are opportunities) when in consideration of choosing a godparent, the capacity to give a substantial gift was rather thought of more than the integrity to stand as second-parent. Obviously, I’m quite young to be the couple’s father. Also, I don’t have the means to be as liberal in giving a pricey gift. Thus, despite the teasing from others on how old I am to be asked as a wedding couple’s godfather, the honor behind my preference over other factors obliged me. The current demands from my work may have pulled me to miss the occasion but the call to abidingly stand as a godfather is promised. To Mike and Myla, congratulations! Your understanding is sought as I wasn’t able to witness your exchange of vows. I give my word however that I will stand for the responsibility asked of me to be supportive on how both of you can uphold the sanctity of your marriage.

One August 28 may have been the day a girlfriend-then broke up with me that led to a different situation I am now. I never despised the date as it paved the way to even better days. Like yesterday, it validated another love story that of now-Mr. and Ms. Tongson. The couple who, through their matrimony, validated as well another story in my life; I am a young godfather.


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