Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Sun

Sounds more like nuisance… That’s not it. It could elicit that kind of a feeling however. The truth is that, it’s a spin-off to my self-titled post “Mr. Reno Mohr”. It’s a sequel titled like that of Twilight’s “New Moon”. Since it’s under this site, I thought the title is only fitting in the same way as the timely occasion about renewal. It’s Easter Sunday. And what would be a better subject to “rant” about than “change”.

It’s the only constant thing in this world so they say. Even so, a lot refuse to accept it. Imperfectly though, in expecting for it to take place amongst others, it’s rather pushed for. As it appears, it makes perfect sense that people don’t see the smudge on their face unless they’re fronting a mirror so to speak. Thus, before we become critical of others, let us rather analyze first our own imperfections.

There are just those who think high of themselves. Notwithstanding their flaws that could even be far worse, all they care about is how they are so controlling; they hard-press for others’ development subjective to their interests. So biased they become that a tinge of your lapse is the only thing they see over most of your creditable accomplishments. A more corrupt case is when they’re totally blinded by their clout over you. Could they even be as effective if they’re filling in your shoes? From the sound of all these, you’re most probably thinking I’m talking about your boss (LOL). I guess you know how it is with them (and all the other “bossy” people) as much as you know how this is so true. Question is: Are you like this? Are you this kind of a boss? Or if you’re the subordinate, do you complain about your boss being just like it? Do you even bother to firstly regard it objectively or you’re the kind who complains before complying? Either way, at the outset, try to gauge yourself if you’re indeed faultless. This also holds true not only within the work place but in our society where a considerable number rant about not having a good life as if every aspect of its realization is for the governing body’s resolution. While in the basic unit of society, our respective families, grown-ups see themselves as an authority forgetting their primary role as parent or guardian; whereas children respond to the “authority” and not with affection towards their best possible influence.

Change is within all of us. No man is an island. We all have a role for our contribution. Before we play the role of a critic and justify it with its essence as “serving as an eye opener”, it would be wise to initially open our eyes instead face to face with our reflection and look for perfection. If none (which is most likely), start with yourself if you want change. Don’t be a boss but a leader. You don’t want to be the biggest operational expense of your company getting paid just to boss around... Rather than just taking note of problems, suggest a suitable and feasible solution and be part of it…

Starting with myself, for those affected by what I have put whopping emphasis in here, I’m a nuisance. And if I would only be telling you all of these short of credibility and just so to sound and appear to be upright sans sincerity, I’m a nuisance. The mere fact that being a figment could be highly made-up, but why then was my identity created in the image of some annoying character? It goes to show that just like any normal being (or thing); I have failings and what better way to change that than recognizing these shortcomings as challenges for self-improvement. Like a sun that rises on a new day…

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